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If you need any further proof that NFL star and struggle rapper Greg Hardy is a scumbag, allegedly, here it is. More like, here they are, as photos of Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, after he allegedly assaulted her have been revealed. 

Reports Deadspin:

Barefoot and frightened, Nicole Holder walked as fast as she could through the darkness, and the moment she saw the cops she ran. She headed west on Fifth Street toward North Church, away from the Charlotte., N.C., apartment of Greg Hardy, a star defensive end then with the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. Minutes earlier he had, she said, thrown her against a tile bathtub wall, tossed her on a futon covered in assault rifles, and choked her until she told him to “kill me so I don’t have to.”

Officer Jeffrey Kendrick ran after her, ordering her to stop. Holder turned and walked toward him, and Kendrick asked her why she was crying.

“It doesn’t matter,” she told him. “Nothing is going to happen to him anyways.”

A year and a half after Hardy was arrested and charged with attacking Holder, it’s clear that she was mostly right. Last year, Hardy was convicted of assault in a bench trial, but the charges were dismissed on appeal and, it was reported yesterday, expunged. He missed more than a season of football, but went on to sign with the Dallas Cowboys, for whom he’s become a bigger star than ever despite (or perhaps because of) a series of incidents ranging from making sexist comments in a press conference to going after a coach on the sidelines. Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ billionaire owner, calls him a “real leader” who has the respect of all his teammates and inspires America’s Team.

Part of the reason the case against Hardy fell apart is because Holder didn’t really cooperate after reportedly receiving a settlement.

Nevertheless, photos have been revealed that show Holder had bruises all over her body.

Check out some of the graphic photos below and on the flip. Read the full, and damning report over at Deadspin.

Photo: Deadspin

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