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On Wednesday, Nov. 11, Metro Boomin made Young Thug blink. The highly in demand Atlanta producer gave Thugger a place to meet him to discuss their issues, and all he got was a smiley face for an answer. 

After Metro Boomin went on Twitter to say Future set the trend of rappers dropping mixtapes back to back like a Drake song, Young Thug caught feelings. Thugger took to Twitter, quizzically comparing himself to Michael Jackson while trying to slander Future.

Plenty of not so veiled shots followed, but Metro Boomin stayed out of the the fray, until Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m in the city @ the spot right now bra and we know each other in REAL life so u can pull up whenever kuz u know I ain’t no hoe,” he tweeted.

Young Thug’s response was a smiley face.

Maybe there is still hope for the Metro Thuggin collab? Considering Metro Boomin is slinging tracks at Future and Drake, amongst others, a possible lack of new Young Thug collabs in his discography won’t be too sorely missed, though.

And to think, Metro says he wasn’t even subtweeting Young Thug at all.


Photo: Instagram