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GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson has become a bit of a punchline lately, especially after details of his past life have been under the microscope for being less than believable. Saturday Night Live cleverly took aim at Carson’s so-called thug life past and mocked the former street tough turned neurosurgeon in a humorous skit last night.

SNL‘s Jay Pharoah took on the role of Carson and played up his mild-mannered nature. The skit takes place in the late ’60’s in the Detroit streets. As Carson claims, he tried to stab a friend which was later revealed to be a cousin. The knife never found its mark, this after the vicious attack was blocked by a belt buckle. Carson’s mother confirmed the story happened in a 1997 interview in Parade magazine, but that hasn’t stopped the flood of jokes at his expense.

The SNL skit is pure greatness, complete with an appearance by Black Jesus and the thwarting of Carson’s supposed hammer attack against his mother. We won’t give it all away because it’s low-key hilarious despite the subdued laughs of the crowd. Even better is watching Pharoah almost crack up during the sketch.

It is rather amazing how Carson’s story is crumbling under his feet after he was considered a legitimate frontrunner to win the GOP’s nomination. Expect to see more of this slander in the weeks to come, which unfortunately, boosts Donald Trump’s profile but beggars can’t be choosers, right?


Photo: SNL