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The investigation of the recent fatal shooting event at the so-called “Zombie McDonald’s” in New York has yielded the arrests of the main suspect and another man connected to the case. Vincent Arcona, who was not charged in the shooting, was being held for questioning by the NYPD when he reportedly pulled heroin from his buttocks and began snorting it.

Gothamist writes:

According to a criminal complaint from the Manhattan DA, Arcona was in a police station interview room when he “reached into his buttocks area” and produced a small package containing heroin. Magic.

NYPD Detective Adrian Calemmo says Arcona then placed the heroin on the table in front of him and inhaled it, as one does. Mission accomplished, he then allegedly tossed the packaging on the floor, under the table, where the detective says he later recovered it.

Asked about the packaging, Arcona allegedly admitted that it had previously contained heroin, back when it was up inside his butt. It’s unclear if Arcona was handcuffed at the time, nor is it clear if Detective Calemmo was out of the room during all of this or just sitting across from Arcona in rapt silence.

Arcona has not been charged with anything in connection to the fatal shooting yet, but on Saturday he was arraigned on charges of evidence tampering and criminal possession of a controlled substance. He’s being held on $25,000 bail.

Definitely ask a lot of questions about where he procures his goods next time you party with this guy.

Police actually did nab the main suspect, 23-year-old Francisco Alsina, in Rhode Island last Friday. Alsina will be extradited to New York and is wanted in allegedly fatally shooting 43-year-old Angel Quiñones and wounding two others over drug turf.

Photo: NYPD