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Despite the box office success and casting jobs of Notorious and Straight Outta Compton, the world may still be a little while’s off from witnessing an official Tupac biopic.

Sensing this lane was up for the grabs, actor and filmmaker Tsalta Baptiste decided to put his own twist on the story of the culture’s most prolific rapper of all time with his own Tupac biopic, starring himself. Set in China. With Chinese subtitles.

If that factual description appeared to be strange than fiction, then get a load of the Baptiste’s explanation.

A young hip-hop influenced college student in China is required by his professor to research American Civil Rights and Activism. In choosing Renascence man Tupac Shakur, he finds himself learning more than expected. After meeting a former girlfriend of Mr. Shakur in China, things take a turn from just another class project to a life changing event.

Gauging from Baptiste’s social media, he currently and/or previously spent time in Keqiao, China and presumably wanted to give the natives a taste of the Thug Life and the highly questionable authorization of Until the End of Time seems to be his answer.

Think Being John Malkovich meets Shenmue meets Juice–with none of the budget.

Take a look at the trailer for this fantastically terrible Tupac biopic down below. Sometimes the best comedies are unintentional.

Thank You: Vulture

Photo: YouTube