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Even though it’s not one of the most sensational Hip-Hop lawsuits of the year, Rich Homie Quan is currently embroiled in a bitter battle with Think It’s A Game Entertainment; the record label that had him feeling some type of way after he learned they had used some of his Def Jam advances to cop the CEO a new crib.

In new court documents filed in Atlanta, Rich Homie Quan (real name Dequantes Lamar) is being accused of being ungrateful and ignorant to how the record label biz operates.

Reports Bossip:

Think It’s A Game Entertainment blasted the rapper’s lawsuit as being full of baseless allegations. They explained his contract with them was just like every other music contract for a newbie. The label demanded his entire lawsuit be thrown out.

Then on November 11th, the record label headed back to court and slapped Rich Homie Quan with a counter-suit accusing him of breaching their deal and demanding an injunction against him from releasing ANY music and also prohibiting him from signing with another record label.

The suit says that in spring 2013 Rich Homie Quan stopped consulting with them about his career in regards to his music, concert tours, endorsements, appearances, etc… The rapper began releasing mixtapes, songs, signed up for tour with Wiz Khalifa and became a spokesperson for Avion Tequila.

Think It’s A Game Entertainment said the rapper never accounted for the money he made from the unauthorized music he released, didn’t tell them the details of his Tequila deal and didn’t hand over any money from merchandise sold at the concert with Wiz.

The label slapped Rich Homie Quan with a counter-suit demanding full accounting for all money he has made from his deals, an injunction against the rapper from releasing unauthorized videos, songs and mixed tapes and an order prohibiting the rapper from entering into a new record deal. They said that the rapper has been trying to sign a new record deal.

Think It’s A Game Entertainment explained the deal Rich Homie Quan signed with them gives them 50% ownership of all songs he releases and they want the court to order their original contract as valid.

All this struggle likely explains the release of his studio debut album, Rich As In Spirit. Until then, mixtape.

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