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Now that Yusaf Mack is out of the closet, there is apparently nothing that he can say that will defame his character. Including going into detail about his sexual preferences.

The semi-retired pro boxer who made headlines for shooting, denying and apologizing for lying about his involvement in a gay pornographic film recently conducted an interview with HipHollywood and explained that Caitlyn Jenner has inspired him in more ways than one.

“My interest is trannies,” the 35-year-old Philly native exclaimed with a mischievous broken grin. “I love trannies. I’m attracted to trannies. I don’t like nobody ‘muscle’ like me.”

Yusaf Mack’s revelation that he was a closeted gay man has been especially hard on his immediate family, according to Mack, who is the father of 10 children with six different women. He says his eldest daughter initially disowned him before taking him back in a teary reunion.

Mack also says he plans on becoming an advocate for the LGBT community but we’re not sure how the latter faction of the acronym will take to being refered to as “trannies” and presumably sex objects. Just saying.

Watch Yusaf Mack ignore the TMI in the video below.

Photo: HipHollywood