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Now that Yusaf Mack is out of the closet, there is apparently nothing that he can say that will defame his character. Including going into detail about his sexual preferences.

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Yusaf Mack’s name has been in the news these past couple of weeks for all the wrong reasons. First the Philly boxer was claiming he was “too manly” to have done a homosexual porno on his recognizance, and told the media he was drugged to the point he was forced into the acts caught on […]

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ESPN Around The Horn personality Israel Gutierrez recently came out of the closet in an emotional blog post that detailed his personal triumph as well as the adversity he faced leading up to his moment of truth.

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Birdman needs positive press just like Lil Wayne needs to get off Cash Money but a post onto social media is doing him no favors.

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It appears that one of the breakout and most important actors on FOX’s booming Empire show has been killing his part thanks in part to real-life experiences.

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It seems like everyone in music has shown Frank Ocean love since he opened up about falling in love with another man. From Beyoncé, to Jermaine Dupri, the music industry has shown solidarity in their support of the  singer, and now 50 Cent is weighing in. When asked about Ocean by  MTV News, 50 poignantly explained […]


Over the last week, Frank Ocean has received an outpouring of love from the music industry, fans, friends and family, but all the responses haven’t been so great.  For whatever reason, Lil  Scrappy decided to weigh in, by telling  TMZ that while he is happy that Ocean revealed his love for another man, he blames “closeted” gay men for […]


Frank Ocean has been the talk of the news circuit this week, and it has little to do with his music, and more to do with his s-xual preference. The singer revealed his truth via a message posted on Tumblr Tuesday (July 3), garnering support from the music industry, and his mother, who took to […]