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It seems like everyone in music has shown Frank Ocean love since he opened up about falling in love with another man. From Beyoncé, to Jermaine Dupri, the music industry has shown solidarity in their support of the  singer, and now 50 Cent is weighing in.

When asked about Ocean by  MTV News, 50 poignantly explained the shift in the public’s acceptance of same s-x relationships. “The choice of alternative lifestyle, people’s choices, are so much more visible now than it was in the past that it’s bound to happen. Anyone who has an issue with Frank Ocean is an idiot.”

50 also called the New Orleans native a “talented artist”  that created material that “impressed” him. Elsewhere in the interview, the G-Unit rapper shed light on other gay artists who weren’t as forthright in addressing their personal preference but still made great music, warning those who may be deterred from accepting Ocean based on his personal life.  “To say you don’t like Frank Ocean is to say maybe you don’t like Luther Vandross, or maybe you don’t like Kenny Green, ’cause its artists before him that have made this choice, they haven’t made the choice to expose it to the general public before an actual release of music.”

All of the publicity he’s received in the last few weeks, has likely sparked new interest in his music. Of course his success has been built on a cult following, but coming out of the closet has helped Ocean’s notoriety. Aside from gaining upwards of 30,000 Twitter followers since his revelation, the 24-year-old’s Channel Orange release is expected to top the charts, and who knows, a 50 Cent collaboration may even be in his future.

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