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“Vandals” have principals, too. A graffiti writer sent a Star Wars-themed “f*ck you” message to ISIS. 

Reports Ratter:

A New York City-based graffiti writer recently created a massive Star Wars-themed mural in an abandoned Manhattan subway station, blasting international terrorist organization ISIS. The twenty-something artist, known only as VEW, spelled out “FUCK ISIS” in highly stylized letters that were fashioned to look like the film’s iconic font aside a Jawa character wielding a lightsaber.

“It’s a propaganda war and our side needs to step up its game,” explained VEW about the piece that’s located at the same off-limits platform that was used a few days earlier by the NYPD for its highly publicized “terror drills.”

Before you riff about graf being illegal—are all those “paid” advertisements on you train ride home so different? Just saying.

Watch the mural’s creation in the video below, learn more about it over at Ratter.

Photo: Aymann Ismail

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