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The singer in a house band at New York City’s Cafe Wha says he worked on the A$AP Rocky song “Peso” and has yet to be paid. Kevin Andreas claims he penned the hook and sang vocals on the four-year-old track.

He’s been trying to get in contact with Rocky and the rapper’s label, RCA Records. Neither option has worked, repots DNA Info New York.

Andreas claims Rocky reached out to him back before “Peso” would help land him a multi-million dollar record deal. ”I came up with the melody and he kind of couldn’t do it. So he was like, ‘Do you want to do it?'” said Andreas, asserting that Rocky felt his own voice was too deep for the record.

They worked together for a couple of months, according to Andreas. “He was unavailable a lot and flaked on a few [recording] sessions, and we kind of had a falling out. He ended up working with another studio [and] they never credited me or gave me any compensation or anything.”

After the song was complete, Rocky went on with his career, and Andreas was apparently left hanging. He reportedly submitted text message exchanges between himself and Rocky to his lawyer, who contacted RCA.

“To date, no agreement has ever been entered into between Mr. Andreas and [A$AP Rocky], in respect to Mr. Andreas’ services as a producer, performer and songwriter on Peso, or on any other recording, nor has Mr. Andreas been credited or paid for the same,” the lawyer wrote to RCA. “Mr. Andreas wishes a prompt and amicable resolution to all outstanding issues, and hopes that you will contact the undersigned at your earliest convenience to resolve the same.”

The label promised to settle the issue, but after sending two letters, Andreas says he couldn’t afford further litigation.

“I’m still trying to reach out to them,” he added. “The money would be great but the credit alone is worth a lot.”

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