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California rapper Blu has taken to Twitter in times past to air out his feelings although the reasons behind his utterances has come under question. Blu went off once again via the social media tool, this time taking aim at past collaborators, Evidence and The Alchemist, and even called them racists.

The tirade picked up steam on Monday (Dec. 28) when Blu aimed a tweet at Evidence and The Alchemist that read, “LA City Bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope someone will defend your Pro Darren Wilson campaign white bitch !!!!” — which prompted a follower to ask if the rapper was high.

The exchange went on with the follower for a bit, but the targets of the barbs were made clear. The accusations of Ev and Al using drugs and being supporters of the officer that killed Michael Brown in Ferguson continued throughout the chatter.

Trying to capture all of it would be impossible but the tweets are still alive on the timeline if you want to check out the entire meltdown, which has continued into today.

Props go out to Evidence for taking the high road and not making this into an uglier situation.

Photo: YouTube/screen cap

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