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Remember what it was like in junior high? How mentally frustrating it got with the day to day monotony of Math and Science? Or how your creative impulses were often suppressed in an environment driven by standardized testing? Or worse, how being from the wrong neighborhood or pedigree could determine where your classroom experience wouldn’t take you. One teacher, Mr. Ron Clark, is rethinking public and mainstream education.

Inside The Ron Clark Academy, a nonprofit middle school located in Southeast Atlanta, each room is themed after Harry Potter, making the institution a real-life Hogwarts School. Only Clark isn’t selling his students any magic. He’s inspiring academic excellence, leadership, collaboration and a world-class education for students consumed with passion and offbeat curiosities.

There was no other way for Clark and his incredibly ambitious cohort to kick off the new academic year other than to put on a stellar performance of the #DoItLikeMe challenge, and then release it to the Internet for all its viral glory.

Watch the dopeness unfold, below.

Photo: Facebook