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VH1’s original film The Breaks based on 1990’s New York Hip-Hop scene opened to 2.6 viewers on Monday night. While it received a mostly warm reception, a few people felt misrepresented by the Seith Mann-directed film, namely Irv Gotti and MC Hammer.

On his IG account the former Murder Inc chief and Queens native sounded salty enough to have his roots traced back to the city of Sodom. Part of his message reads:

Watching this Breaks Sh**t on Vh1. 1st off I didn’t like the commercials they was running playing the Bridge is Over and the part where KRS says Queens Keeps on Faking it!! So now when I’m watching this watered down bullsh*t which is pissing me off cause they are not portraying Hip Hop Culture accurately!! But they still making my Borough look soft. Let me tell y’all something. I’m from that Purple Part in the pic I posted. And listen. Ain’t nothing weak or soft about QB. And not only that@Vh1. QB has produced more superstar Rappers in hip hop than any other borough or place in the world for that matter. Sh*t looks like someone who doesn’t know sh*t about our culture made this sh*t. 

Now we have to “hold tight” and see just how Irv plans to develop his version of the New York City Hip-Hop scene in the 1990’s. Don’t be surprised if it’s a Murder Inc reunion.

Another 90’s music icon that took issue with the VH1 film was MC Hammer who took to Twitter to voice his irritation.

See Irv and Hammer’s side of the story below and on the following pages.

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