Bobby Shmurda‘s latest lawyer is pulling out all the stops to spring his client from jail. The Brooklyn rapper’s attorney, Mark Spiro, believes the “Hot Ni**a” rapper has been targeted by a pair of allegedly corrupt Brooklyn detectives. 

Reports Bossip:

Alex Spiro said two Brooklyn detectives sued for misconduct targeted Shmurda – real name Ackquille Pollard – with at least three stop and frisks, which turned up nothing.

Spiro wouldn’t name the detectives, but said they’ve been sued in federal court for planting evidence, false arrest and violating arrestee’s fourth amendment rights – and asked the prosecution to hand over police records related to the stops.

“A couple of detectives involved in this case have significant credibility issues,” Spiro said Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court. “I learned these same detectives have been stopping my client for years. Each one of those stop and frisk reports have to be turned over before this case proceeds.”

The lawyer said the detectives actions show that some police may have had it out for the “Hot N***a” rapper.

“It is our position by stopping him and frisking him, and not finding contraband, that absence of evidence is evidence,” Spiro said.

In the critically acclaimed Netflix series Making A Murder, Steven Avery of Wisconsin was the target of numerous cops scheming to put him in jail, by any means necessary.

Needless to say, Bobby Shmurda is trying to avoid a similar fate.

In good news for Bobby, the drug possession charge against him has been dropped. However, he’s still facing illegal firearm and conspiracy charges.

Spiro confirmed that he’ll again seeking bail at Shmurda’s next court date next week.

Photo: AP Photo