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Employees at an Arkansas Waffle House were fired for doing hair in the kitchen last week, as customers watched. One patron actually recorded the employee dipping her braids in a pot, while another assisted.

Antonio Robinson and his friend were eating at the Waffle House when the impromptu hair session went down. Robinson’s friend apparently found hair in his food.”He was just coughing. Cough. Cough. Making noises like that,” he said. “I looked up at him, he went to pulling out strings of hair out his mouth.”

The hair was likely synthetic being that the employee was dipping her braids scolding hot water, but disgusting nonetheless. It’s also a health violation.

Robinson decided to record the ordeal. “I just thought it was nasty and I needed to let somebody see this,” he said.

As you might expect, the restaurant is was investigated by the health department. Robinson says people can “learn” something from the incident, “and be cleaner everywhere and keep people from getting sick.”

A spokesperson for the Waffle House’s corporate Atlanta office said in a statement: “ We were made aware of this via a Facebook Private message this morning. We immediately reached out to the local management team. After identifying the parties involved, they were immediately terminated. The health department has been out to the restaurant for an inspection which it passed, and they have closed the case.

We do not tolerate these behaviors and strive to provide a clean, safe environment for all our customers.”

The location’s manager said the incident was unacceptable, and made him look bad. “I was embarrassed. But it’s all taken care of now. That’s all I can say.”

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