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In Georgia, U.S. Air Force officials found themselves battling a potential public relations nightmare related to the upcoming MLK Day holiday. Officials at the Robins Air Force base moved to take down a poster for a shooting event to be held on the federal holiday that featured an image of slain civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reports:

Military officials have pulled a provocative flyer featuring Martin Luther King Jr. atop a “fun shoot” at an Air Force Base in Georgia to be held on the holiday honoring civil rights icon.

The flyer advertised a noon gathering on Jan. 18 for the Robins Air Force Base Trap and Skeet Club. An official at the military base’s Outdoor Recreation office said it was created by a marketing team.

“We didn’t make the flyer,” said Leroy Minus, the official. “We squared it away. We got rid of the picture.”

The base, in a statement, called it an “honest mistake.”

A portion of the statement is shared below:

We realized the inappropriateness of the advertisement several days ago and immediately began removing the flyer. There was no malice of forethought in the flyer’s creation and it was never the base’s intention to portray Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in a negative light. It was an honest mistake, to which we’ve personally counseled the parties involved and will provide them with remedial training and appropriate oversight to prevent this sort of inattention from occurring in the future.

Hopefully, that’ll be the end of that silliness at Robins, but that hasn’t stopped others in the quest to tie MLK to their ratchet events nationwide we’re sad to report.