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A terror plot enacted by a British terrorist group via Twitter was designed to unleash a series of drive-by shootings against police and military in London. The group used the code name “Black Huaraches” and other sneaker names to discuss the sale of illegal firearms across the social media network.

The Guardian writes:

Leaders of a British terror gang used coded messages on Twitter to discuss getting a gun in preparation for a series of drive-by shootings of police and soldiers in London, a court has heard.

While medical student Tarik Hassane was in Casablanca, Morocco, he exchanged messages on the microblogging site with his close friend Suhaib Majeed about sourcing “creps” or “black Huaraches”.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, told jurors that ordinarily that may be a reference to a certain type of Nike trainer, but in their secret language they meant firearms.

Days later, on 25 August 2014, Majeed reported back “I got it”, to which Hassane replied “kl” (cool).

Altman said: “This exchange, which was in coded language, is important because it related to the terror plot and suggests that there had been previous conversation about it and what was required to progress it.”

On 1 September, Majeed, using the profile name Ryan Williams, made contact with a man on Skype who helped him download special software on his laptop computer called “Mojahideen Secrets”.

The prosecutor told the Old Bailey this was “a programme specially designed to allow Islamic terrorists to exchange secret, encrypted ‘spy-proof’ messages with each other for the sole purpose of terrorism”.

The plot was busted up in September 2014, with three members of the group getting arrested. Hassane was arrested last October after returning to Britain to carry out a solo terror mission.

Nyall Hamlett, 25, Nathan Cuffy, 26, Majeed, 21, and Hassane, 22, all hailing from west London, face charges of conspiracy to murder and preparation of terrorist acts.

The Huarache shoe design was made popular but Nike designer Tinker Hatfield.

Photo: Flickr/Lynahe/CC By 2.0