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You knew it was only a matter of time before Guess Jeans would find their way back into your closet. Renewing the brand with the help of A$AP Rocky, Guess—stylized Gue$$ because, A$AP Mob—will take it back to an era which heard Nas spit “When I dress is never nothing less than Guess” and release a 90’s inspired line of clothing which will feature pieces straight out of the Generation X archives.

When it comes to Hip-Hop and clothing, nostalgia always plays a part in how we construct our wardrobe. From our love of vintage Polo and to a far lesser extent Tommy Hilfiger gear to the Kangols and Retro Jordans that we won’t let go of, fashion styles from yesteryear is as bankable as today’s latest trends and Guess is looking to benefit from life that we’ve become accustomed to.

During his appearance on the Hot 97 show with Ebro and Laura Stylez, A$ap credited Menace II Society with having inspired the look he wanted to bring back. From the stripped shirts to the crop tops, get ready to get a time capsule’s worth of Hip-Hop clothing.

Taking it a step further, Guess is using a polaroid campaign to market the vintage look and hope to rekindle the love and status their clothing brand had when adolescent youth were walking around with unbuttoned overalls and pacifiers dangling from their necks.

The Gue$$ collection goes on pre-sale on January 30. Check out images from the collection below and on the following pages.

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Photos: Guess

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