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Former G-Unit affiliate Bang Em Smurf threw some strong accusations at 50 Cent in a recent radio interview. Smurf thinks the 40-year-old rapper put a hit out on him, and the alleged proof is in his “I’m The Man” music video from The Kanan Tape.

Surf claims a guy in Fif’s music video tried to shoot him once and then ran off. He shared the story with Report Card Radio, when asked about Meek Mill and 50 Cent’s social media beef.

“The real n*ggas don’t f*ck with 50,” Smurf proclaimed. “If you see his new video ‘I’m The Man,’ he’s got a lot of bozos in his video. Some of them n*ggas is Queens n*ggas. These n*ggas is lame n*ggas in that video, that’s why nobody respects Fif no more. He lost his respect and the n*ggas he got around him, the streets don’t respect ‘cause they nobodies.”

The friction between Smurf and G-Unit has been ongoing for more than a decade. Prior to seeing the video, Smurf was ready to call a truce, partly out of sympathy for Fif because he says nobody likes him (including his teenage son).

“I was feeling sorry for the n*gga…saluting the big homie like it is what it is but then after I seen ‘I’m The Man’ video, I lost all respect ever again for him,” he said. “We’ll never be friends, never shake hands [again]. It’s really ‘f*ck the Unit’ after I seen that video. Like these the n-ggas he running with? So that confirmed he put a hit on me.”

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