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There is shade, and there is what Gabrielle Union did to Stacey Dash. The actress matter of factly asked “Who is Stacey Dash?” while being interviewed at the Sundance Film Festival and never broke stride, subtly slandering the FOX News host to the high heavens in the process. 

Union was asked about Dash’s assertions that  neither Black History Month nor BET are necessary.

“Is she like related to Dame Dash? Was she on Roc-a-fella?,” Union continued, with a straight face.

After the interviewer relayed Dash’s comments, Union added, “I heard of a crazy lady, once, maybe last week—I don’t know what her name is. It’s why there’s a need for Birth Of A Nation and why there’s a need for the Country Music Awards…”

She further elaborated why “our own” award shows are necessary, and when they won’t be. Salute this woman.

Watch how it went down below. And yes, Stacey and Damon Dash are cousins, but even he ain’t checking for what she’s doing to the name.

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