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Blac Chyna continues to be the blueprint for struggle. After getting bagged at Austin Airport for drug possession, the queen of tea detox Instagram says she doesn’t know where the ecstasy she was caught with came from. 

Reports TMZ:

As we reported, cops found 2 pills with emblazoned designs in her sunglasses case. A field test revealed it was MDMA.

Our Chyna sources say she has no idea how the pills ended up in the case. She does say she did not pack her own bags for the trip to London — with a stopover in Austin. In fact, she says her assistants who normally work for her were not there, and a different person packed for her.

She won’t snitch, but our sources say she’s strongly implying the person who packed the bags is responsible.

And get this … our sources say Chyna is incredulous because the type of ecstasy cops found is uncommon. She says people haven’t used the drug in pill form for years, favoring powder instead.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this story is that Chyna has assistants who  pack her luggage for her.

In more struggle news, Chyna recently had her Future tattoo lasered off.

What a time to be alive.

Photo: TMZ