Amish Boy Leads Police On High Speed Horse and Buggy Chase


An Amish boy led police on a horse and buggy chase after running a stop sign.

Levi Detweiler, a 17-year-old Amish kid from Leon, N.Y., led police on a mile long chase after he ran a stop sign with his horse and buggy. Once the police sirens went off, Levi started whipping the horse to start running and began his police chase.

The chase came to an end when Detweiler took a sharp turn too fast and turned the buggy over. After turning the buggy into a ditch, Levi then got up on foot and led police on another chase, this time on foot.

After a week to investigating the incident, Levi is being charged with underage possession of alcohol, reckless endangerment, over-driving an animal, failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

So now you know kids, it IS illegal to over-drive an animal, and don’t repeat what you see on your Grand Theft Amish Xbox game!