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Everyone pump the brakes, Kanye West isn’t $53M in the hole, sort of. That number is how much Yeezy has dipped into numerous ventures, including funding most of his Yeezy Season designs, out of his own pocket. 

Reports TMZ:

Sources connected to Kanye tell TMZ the number — $53 mil — reflects how much dough ‘Ye has invested in his own companies related to fashion and music. For instance, we’re told he’s sunk $40 million alone into 3 seasons worth of Yeezy fashion!

Yeezy shoes are all the rage now, but we’re told Kanye didn’t get a dime from Nike when he created the first gen of the shoe. He funded the design out of his own pocket.

Additionally, we’re told he spent several hundred thousands to build sets for his last tour, and to make his 2012 short film, “Cruel Summer.”

A world tour—hint, hint—would surely make all that money back and then some. Not to mention all the royalties West surely earns from his own work as well producing hits for acts like Jay Z, Common and Beyonce, among many others.

And if West really didn’t make a dime off his Nike kicks (highly doubtful), we hope he has better lawyers represent him when making these deals.

Recently, West took to Twitter to request that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg invest $1B in his ideas?



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