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It seems like Rhymefest was actually on to something when he said Kanye West needed professional counseling. Last Saturday night (Feb. 13), Kanye gave two great performances on Saturday Night Live, but sources are saying that West almost backed out of his scheduled appearance at the last minute in epic Yeezy fashion.

Reports Page Six:

“Just moments leading into the live show, and during the live show, Kanye had a meltdown and threatened to walk off,” said a source familiar with the scene.

“It had something to do with the set,” said a source. “Kim, who was in the audience with Kylie Jenner, had to come down. Lorne had to personally talk to Kanye. There were a few really tense minutes” when it looked like West was walking, leaving the live NBC show in the lurch.

Another source added of West: “He freaked out about how the set was arranged. He was saying he’s ‘the greatest artist.’ He’s having regular meltdowns. Everyone’s walking on eggshells around him. He’s under a lot of stress between the new album and the fashion line.”

 Whether it’s the stress from the backlash he received from his Twitter bombs on Wiz Khalifa or simply that his financial woes have become a heavy cross for even Yeezus to bare, it does seem like the man who has proclaimed himself the greatest living artist has been off his kilter as of late.

But if history tells us anything it’s that the distance between genius and insanity is measured only by success, and success is something that Kanye knows all too well. Still though, a little counseling—and a timeout from Twitter—wouldn’t hurt.

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