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Katt Williams, as many know, has been handling heaping mounds of legal struggle over the course of his career. His most recent squabble in where he served the fade to a pool supply clerk in Gainesville, Ga. was the latest instance, but the comedian explained to TMZ that he had good reason to let his hands go.

TMZ caught up with Williams outside a Los Angeles courthouse where he was dealing with another case. Williams calmly explains that the clerk was getting a bit testy with him and dropped the n-word bomb while at the store on Monday (Feb. 29).

As Williams explained, while hilariously speaking in third person, the clerk dropped the n-word on “the last day of Black History Month” and that “Katt Williams did what Katt Williams had to do” to defend his honor.

TMZ also shared that Williams was at the courthouse for a hearing on an assault with a deadly weapon case in Inglewood. He has pleaded not guilty in that instance.

Watch Williams discuss the Georgia pool supply store two-piece and a biscuit in the clip below.


[h/t TMZ]

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