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With the release of his joint album with Lil Wayne, ColleGrove, 2 Chainz has been making his rounds within the media circuit lately to promote the collab album. The Hair Weave Killer checked in with The Breakfast Club for an informative interview. 

Even though he’s always the cool, calm, and collected interviewee, 2 Chainz still manages to turn in an entertaining discussion during his sit down with Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God, and DJ Envy.

Speaking on everything from the recent passing of his man, Bankroll Fresh, to his 7th grade sexual escapades, the ATL rapper has no problems talking about the life he feels he’s blessed to be living. Check out what we learned about 2 Chainz On The Breakfast Club.

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1. Beef

2 Chainz doesn’t really eat beef or pork but made an exception for that $300 Kobe beef burger.

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2. Dabbin’

He gave a portion of the profits he made from the Dabbin’ Santa sweater to people in need in Atlanta.

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3. Farrakhan

He has a relationship with the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan even though he’s not Muslim.

Photo: Instagram/TheCamKirk

Photo: Instagram/TheCamKirk

4. Bankroll Fresh

He felt 2016 was going to be the year Bankroll broke through. Unfortunately he instead has to endure the death of his man.

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5. Only Child

Growing up an only child is a reason that Chainz feels he has trust issues, and to a lower degree social issues.

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6. Identity Problem

Because of the robbery that took place in San Francisco, 2 Chainz became a victim of identity theft.

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7. Lil Wayne

He’s been working with Wayne on ColleGrove (Chainz is from College Park and Wayne is from Hollygrove) for a year.

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8. Inspiration

“Dedication” was inspired by Kanye and Jay-Z’s “Big Brother” record.

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9. Loyalty

He didn’t sign to Young Money out of loyalty to Ludacris and Dolla. He didn’t want to look like he was clique hopping.

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10. Junior High

2 Chainz had his first threesome in the 7th grade with two other 7th graders. 21-gun salute?

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11. C-Murder

Even though C-Murder took shots at him he’s still a No Limit and C-Murder fan. He didn’t even listen to the song.

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12. Drugs

He feels comfortable knowing that if he ever developed a drug habit he has enough expensive items to pawn to keep the party going for a long time.

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