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Donald Trump took an L last night, but it wasn’t at the polls. Amid protests, a scheduled rally in Chicago was cancelled with the GOP candidate playing himself with spin he tried to put on his struggle. 

Trump supporters and protesters lined up for the rally, and the tension, thanks to Trump’s own hateful rhetoric, got to be too much.

Reports Bloomberg Politics:

Donald Trump’s rowdy campaign boiled over Friday when he postponed a Chicago rally in the face of furious protests, setting off a melee of shoving and taunting between supporters and opponents.

The clashes climaxed weeks of racially charged anger surrounding the Republican front-runner’s bid for the presidential nomination. Protesters have become a fixture at rallies held by the New York real-estate mogul and reality television star, who has said abuse directed at them can’t be stopped due to the anger of his supporters.

Trump said the cancellation was a blow to the rights of thousands who had gathered in an arena at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“You can’t have a rally in a major city in this country without violence or the threat of violence,” he said in an interview on MSNBC. “Whatever happened to free speech?”

However, Chicago PD reportedly said they were prepared to deal with any shenanigans, but Trump’s campaign pulled the plug anyway.

Way to go Chicago. Oh, and before “they” try to blame the protesters, Mashable noted how many times Trump has called for violence at his own rallies.

Also, he used the racially charged “thug” code word. Stay woke.

Check out images and reactions from and to the protests below and on the flip. Homie that ripped the Trump poster on live television is the real MVP.

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