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Producer Dr. Dre is being sued by Paramount Recording Studios for millions of dollars, after failing to a pay a bill for recording time.

Paramount Recording Studios is suing Dre for $1,220,500 for breach of contract, according to the lawsuit that was filed two days ago. Dr. Dre, who has recorded at Paramount for at least ten years, has been given cheaper rates to record and continues to record there for his main work.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Dre and his record label Aftermath Entertainment allegedly rented the recording studio from April 2009 until June of 2010. Dr. Dre agreed to pay the bill by July 13th, but did not when that date came around. Paramount claims that they were never paid for the dates.

Dr. Dre has been using the studio to put the finishing touches on his upcoming album “Detox,” and has not spoken yet on the lawsuit.

Dang Dre, you sure you didn’t make up this lawsuit for an excuse to push back “Detox” even more.   I mean you been producing for over 20 years, you don’t have a studio?