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Drake‘s stranglehold on all things happening musically out of Toronto has made him a darling of the city, but naturally his top position has also evoked a bit of criticism from rising artists. Toronto rapper Mo-G called Drizzy’s team out via video, most especially aiming his barbs at Drake’s manager by referring to him as a “culture vulture.”

Mo-G, a rising rapper from Toronto’s Halal Crew, was the latest act from the 6 to get the co-sign from Drake as reported by Exclaim! However, whatever good tidings that formerly existed between the pair has been thrown out the window after Mo-G aimed vicious words towards the Canadian superstar and his manager, Oliver El-Khatib.

More from Exclaim!:

“Have you ever ever heard in the history of hip-hop a man that gives away his creativity and helps make Billboard hits, but doesn’t get paid a dollar or get one credit for it and is here stuck in the ‘hood,” he said. “That doesn’t make sense.”

Not slowing down, he then proceeded to call out Drake’s manager Oliver El-Khatib for “stirring the pot” between OVO and Halal Gang, in addition to being a “snake” and a “culture vulture.”

“Oliver told me the whole OVO team thinks I deserve compensation for everything Drake took from me, and all the man offers me is $500. $500 can’t even pay mama’s rent,” Mo-G said. “I thought we was family at OVO but these n***** never paid me a dollar.”

Mo-G posted the videos to his Instagram account but sent them to DJ Akademiks and other blog sites. Drake nor the OVO Sound team has responded to the allegations of  missing compensation to the young rapper.

Check out Mo-G’s slandering of the OVO squad in the clips below.

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