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This can be ranked as the fail of the day and maybe even the fail of the week. Fox News Channel commentator Glenn Beck has stated that he believes that President Barack Obama is a racist. Yes, a president that is half Black and White is a racist according to Beck.

On Tuesday, Beck was featured on the morning show, “Fox & Friends,” where he stated that the case of Henry Louis Gates Jr. exposed Obama’s internal issue with the White population. By calling the actions of the authorities ignorant, Beck felt as though Obama was showing signs of his internal mentality. In the interview he stated clearly that Obama has, “a deep-seated hatred for White people or the White culture.”

Although he acknowledged that most of Obama’s administration is composed of White faces, he responded by saying that he doesn’t not like White people, he just has a problem with them. The initial statement, however, still stands and he cannot water down the impact of such words. Another instance such as this came from “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade for comments he made on racial issues relating to marriage. He would go on to apologize and state that America is a melting pot.

The reasoning behind his remark stemmed from how quickly Obama stepped into the incident with the police and Gates stating that he didn’t know any of the prior presidents that would have had such urgency in the situation.

Of course some may feel this is blown out of proportion and make reference to Kanye West’s statement during Hurricane Katrina, but think honestly and ask if that situation can really be compared to this? That’s like comparing an apple to an orange in relation to the actual reasoning behind their remarks.

How many times is Fox going to make such statements that relate to race and be let off the hook? Bill O’Reilly has also had his share of racial remarks while being on Fox News and has continued to have constant tension with the urban community.

In response to Beck’s comments, the Fox News Channel executives have made the decision to distant themselves from Beck. Fox News senior vice president of programming, Bill Shine, has stated that Beck’s views are only of his own and are not a reflection of the Fox News Channel. So far, there have been three separate accounts of three different individuals on Fox News making racial remarks, so is Shine accurate in saying that Beck is not a reflection of the network?

The sly fox, Cyclops, we locked in the idiot box

The video slots broadcast The Waco Davidian plots

They own YouTube, Myspace

When this ignorant Shyte gon’ stop?

They monopolizin? news, your views

And the channel you choose

Propaganda, visual cancer, the eye in the sky

Number five on the dial, secret agenda

Frequency antenna, doctor mind bender

Remote control, soul controller, your brain holder

Slave culture, game’s over

What’s a Fox characteristic?

(“Sly Fox”)-Nas

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