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And just like that, the holy grails have been discovered. No, we’re not talking about the chalice from which Jesus Christ drank out of at the last supper. We’re talking about a pair of the original game worn by Michael Jordan Olympic Air Jordan VII’s in which he and the Dream Team annihilated every participating country’s basketball team in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Thought to be lost to the ages, a pair has been found (not by Indiana Jones contrary to popular belief) and has popped up on goldinauctions by way of an anonymous player from the world renowned Dream Team who we can only assume has fallen on some tough times (Christian Laettner?). [Editor’s Note: why are the laces so white?—aqua]

With 24 days left on the block, the auction has thus far generated bids upwards of $5,000 and is almost sure to end up in DJ Khaled’s collection. And yes, he would probably be savage enough to wear them on stage just to prove that he’s the best.

Check out pics of the shoes below and on the flip.



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