Apparently Nick Young dry snitching on himself, thanks to Officer D’Angelo Russell, is not enough to sabotage the NBA player’s relationship with Iggy Azalea. The “Fancy” rapper took to Twitter to reveal that she and her fiance are “good,” and to scold the media while she was at it.

“lol, errrrr…. nick and i are good babe,” she tweeted to a Twitter user who offered help in removing Swaggy P’s belongings from her home.

Then she got extra feisty when another user questioned her decision.

She tweeted, “when youre [sic] grown and actually build a life with someone you might understand.”

Right… But what does being grown have to do with forgiving infidelity?

 Anyway, in true Iggy Azalea fashion, she blamed the media for the pesky rumors that her and Young broke up. Specifically, the New York Post:

“hey, i know its a sexist world we live in and all… but how about you not blame the women for a mans self professed unfaithfulness,” she tweeted the NYC rag. “oh and ps. things a great at home – maybe its the MEDIA (YOU) trying to turn it into a breakup thats the real disruption for him :-).”

Fair enough, but such is the case when you’re a very public figure.

As for Nick Young, son got benched by the Lakers. Peep more of the tweets on the flip.

Photo: Instagram

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