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A Nicki Minaj concert that was scheduled to take place in Canada has been cancelled unexpectedly.

The Harajuku Barbie who’s said to performing around the world, was scheduled to perform at Toronto’s Sound Academy, Monday August 2nd but broke the news to fans herself that the show was off.

According to Nicki, her Canadian concert was canned because she was deemed “dangerous” and she told her nearly 1 million followers on Twitter,

“The Concert in Toronto was cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control. Canada thinks I’m dangerous. Sorry u guyz. We’ll figure it out.”

She later went back and deleted the message from her Twitter account.

Promoters for the event tell a different story however and have released a statement on their website saying that it was actually Minaj and her management team who decided to cancel the scheduled show, not Canadian officials, which they call a “clear” breach of agreement.

Your Outlet To Entertainment, better known as Y.O.T.E. Inc., regretfully announces the cancellation of their August 2nd concert:”The Summer is Hotter” featuring Nicki Minaj live at the Sound Academy, 11 Polson St.

“Unfortunately a decision made by Nicki Minaj and her management not to appear at the August 2nd concert at the Sound Academy has forced us to cancel this concert. We hope that the media will help us to spread the word of this cancellation to the masses so that all tickets purchased can be refunded.”

Representation for Y.O.T.E. Inc. has assured STE Media that the decision not to perform was a choice made solely by Minaj and her management and notwithstanding the best efforts of Mr. Graham and Y.O.T.E. Inc. to accommodate Nicki Minaj and her entourage, she has chosen not to perform in clear breach of the Agreement between the parties.

“It is the objective of Y.O.T.E. Inc. to satisfy our clients with the acts they want to see. At all of our past concerts and events, Y.O.T.E. Inc. has always delivered the artists scheduled to perform, so Nicki Minaj deciding not to appear is a huge disappointment to her fans.” Mark Graham’”

For more information about ticket refunds call ticketmaster or the concert hotline 416.800.9094