The Lead Up To Ice Cream Man

Master P: Even when I was living in Richmond all I was screaming was New Orleans. Coming home and being able to help put Southern Hip-Hop on the map and putting New Orleans on the map was incredible for me, especially with what I learned in the Bay Area and Richmond with the indie hustle. Nobody wanted to put out an album independently back then. Going to the Bay for me was like going to school. I was studying and understanding the business of being independent. I took that hustle back home and took over the world.

From naming the album, to everything, I knew it was going to be special, but I didn’t know how big it was going to be. I didn’t know it was going be a classic or change Southern Hip-Hop, but I knew something was special about it. It put us in place where every hood respected us.

Mia X: P had been making a lot of records in Cali. With Ice Cream Man he got the opportunity to be home working in his element. New Orleans is slow and fast paced at the same time. It’s not like any place else, it’s like an island in the South. We do things so different. The way we eat, talk and think about our families. We have a different vibe, even our approach to music is tribal. P got to hook up with some different producers that gave him another vibe. He was able to get the sound of Uptown.

KLC: I was already in but still kind of new to No Limit. I came in under Mr. Serv-On. They was doing one of the TRU albums when I came in. I did the original “‘Bout It.” When I hooked up with P, I pretty much was the in house producer, then Mo B. and Craig B came in. Odell wasn’t there yet. P was working with K-Lou and we recorded everything at his studio. I don’t even remember how many songs I did on the album, hell I don’t know how many songs I did on any of those albums, we was turning them out so fast.

Mo B. Dick: Me and P are cousins. That’s my dad’s oldest brother’s grandson. I was living in Wichita, Kansas when he was promoting The Ghetto’s Tryin To Kill Me! I took a road trip with my frat brothers in Omega Psi Phi and we made a stop in Dallas to get some rest. While we were in Dallas, we went to a club. After being in there for 10 minutes, somebody got shot. So as we are making our way out the club and the smoke clears, I see somebody trying to get my attention from the DJ booth and it was P. I hadn’t seen him in six years. The last time I saw him was at [P’s brother] Kevin’s funeral. When we saw each other he asked if I was I was still doing music. I was doing my independent thing in Morgan City, Louisiana with a group I had calld Critical Condition. I told him I’m still doing music, and he said “you need to f*ck with me in California, I got some big sh*t going.” I told him send for me, and he sent for me two weeks later and the rest is No Limit history. We started working on several things.

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