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Lil Yachty is getting politically active and he is feeling the Bern and supporting Senator Bernie Sanders.

The upstart Atlanta rapper sat down with CNN recently and shared his thoughts on the current Presidential election. He is Team Bernie, but that doesn’t mean that he is Team F*ck Trump though.

At the beginning of the clip you can hear a voice saying “f*ck Donald Trump,” to which he replied, “Vote for Sanders, okay? We gonna keep it positive…I’m not negative. Right now I’m rooting for Bernie Sanders. It’s just not because he was with the Civil Rights Movement, but just everything he stands for.”

Yachty went on to thank Lil B for putting him onto Sanders and his campaign.

“I heard about Bernie Sanders through Lil B because Lil B was supporting so much, and it made me check him out,” said Lil Yachty in the video. “A lot of my fans tell me all the time, they don’t feel like their voice matters. I think people just following the masses. And I don’t think they even really know what each side holds. By next election hopefully I’ll have such, not power, but I’ll be on a level where I can step out and talk about it. And I wanna say it’s important that you vote. Just to get out there. Everybody’s voice matters. If you’re not going to vote, at least take the time to do some homework on what’s going on.”

Sanders is popular among Hip-Hop artists and luminaries. Killer Mike has introduced Bernie at a number of rallies. T.I. has also gone on the record as a Bernie supporter as well. Spike Lee has also become a Bernie support.

Sanders has reciprocated the love by introducing Mike’s group Run The Jewels at their Coachella performance this year.



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