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Police in Britain say a father of three was so drunk that he didn’t notice his car was ablaze while he drove with his children in the back seat.

36-year-old Adam Whitehead was nearly five times over the legal limit after drinking a bottle of vodka when he put drove with his children to visit a local friend.

Police say the intoxicated man was so immobilized that he was completely unaware of a thick cloud of smoke billowing from his vehicle caused by a burned out clutch.

While Whitehead careened down the street, motorists tried to flag him down before one successfully reached into his vehicle at a light and rescued the three children.

According to The Sun, he continued driving even after his children were rescued; careening down a road another 70 yards before he was stopped.

The dad told police he’d downed a bottle of vodka the night before to celebrate a new job and remembered putting the children in the car but had no memory of the Good Samaritan who swooped in to save them.

After pleading guilty to drunk driving, he was given a16-week prison sentence, fined, banned from driving for three years and his license has been suspended for two.