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The story of the dead man who washed up on a Brooklyn beach with cement shoes was crazy enough by itself. Now, the man has been identified, and he was allegedly an affiliate of Bobby Shmurda’s GS9 crew. 

According to source, Peter Martinez was “high ranking member” of the G Stone Crips aka GS9, Shmurda’s crew that has multiple members, including the Brooklyn rapper, mired in charges that include conspiracy, murder and gun possession.

Reports DNA Info New York:

Peter Martinez, 28, from Brooklyn was found May 2 wrapped in plastic bags with duct tape on his face and 100 pounds of cement covering his feet on Manhattan Beach, sources said.

Martinez, who has a pregnant girlfriend, had been missing for three weeks and owed someone money, sources said.

Police were able to begin identifying him through a large tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his back. He also had a tattoo of an 8-ball, sources added.

Investigators think Martinez’s murderers put his feet in a bucket and then poured the cement in. But they “botched” the job because air got in, causing him to float to the surface of the water, officials said Tuesday.

How much money did Martinez owe? If he was murdered for the debt, there’s no way it will be collected now, but the message has surely been sent.

Photo: New York State Department of Correction

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