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Fat Joe appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable and revealed one of Hip-Hop’s biggest mysteries. Who was was Biggie talking about on “I’ve Got A Story To Tell.” It’s Anthony Mason.

On one of the standout tracks on his 1997 double album Life After Death, The Notorious B.I.G. rhymed about banging the girlfriend of one of the New York Knicks and then pulling a gun out on him when he came home and caught them in the act.

A reminder:

The specific lines in question:

She get d*ck from a player off the New York Knicks

N*gga tricked ridiculous, the sh*t was plush

She’s stressin me to f*ck, like she was in a rush

We f*cked in his bed, quite dangerous

I’m in his *ss while he playing against the Utah Jazz

Ever since that song came out, people have speculated who the unlucky Knick was. For years it was rumored to be Kurt Thomas or Hubert Davis. Davis seemed like the safest bet since he seemed like the type to be shook easily. But today Joe unraveled the biggest Hip-Hop mystery since trying to guess just what date that Ice Cube had a “Good Day” on.

He says the song is about former New York Knick, Anthony Mason. But he immediately started backtracking, insisting that rappers tend to stretch the truth for entertainment purposes and that he only “heard” that it was about him. He was also hesitant to reveal it since Mason died last February.

That’s not the only gem Fat Joe dropped in what Dan Le Batard would crown a “Top 5” interview on Highly Questionable. Joe went on to share a story about the time he almost got in a fight with former boxing champion Roy Jones, Jr. over his line on Ja Rule’s “New York” when he rapped, “even Roy Jones was forced to lean back.”

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