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Two Florida men posing as rappers are facing murder charges after allegedly robbing and killing a man for $300 just to have money to flash at their show.

Fox News is having a field day with this one.

They are reporting that that 18-year old Joseph Brandon Jr. and 21-year old Jonathan Felix robbed and killed 21-year old Tyler Macklin just to take his $300 and flash it at a show they were performing at.

According to Polk County, Florida police, the two men went on to perform at the show just hours after the deed.

Fox News 13 in Tampa reports:

Investigators said the men needed a large amount of currency to “flash cash” while they performed rap songs at a show in Tampa. They didn’t have enough of their own money to “demonstrate their desired level of affluence,” so they decided to steal it, said the sheriff’s office.

Brandon and Felix were fed the idea by 20-year old Dylan Kindred.

More from Fox News 13:

Deputies said he drove the car to and from Macklin’s home, while Felix and Gomes-Brandon, also known as “Killa” and “Waxx,” carried out the robbery and murder inside.

Investigators said Kindred told them he suggested they rob Macklin because he would be an easy target, but said they were only “supposed to steal cash and drugs” from Macklin, and not hurt him.

An arrest affidavit said, after arriving at Macklin’s home on May 11, Kindred watched as Felix and Gomes-Brandon kicked in the front door.

A short time after seeing them go inside, he heard a gunshot, “then saw the suspects running from the front of the residence”.

To paint a clearer scene for you, here is a picture of Brandon and Felix:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.06.39 AM


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