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George Zimmerman may be getting even richer soon. Reports say that the closing bid for the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin is $130,000.

Zimmerman put the gun up for auction last week after he got it back from the U.S. Justice Department. The original website he started the auction took it down after harsh public criticism. A second site had to end their auction after fake bids from a person named “Racist McShootface” drove the price up past $65 million.

The auction resurfaced on this past Tuesday and ended Wednesday, May 18. UGG says that Zimmerman has notified them that he is currently vetting the offers and verifying the funds. The sale comes days after rumors that rapper Kendrick Lamar purchased the gun just to destroy it during a performance. That rumor was found to be false.

If the bid is legit, it will be the latest cash out for George Zimmerman who has been banking in on killing Martin since he shot him fatally in 2012.

He collected more than $300,000 in online donations in 2013 from people wanting to help him with court fees and living expenses. In 2014, he made a quick $100,000 by selling a “patriotic” painting on eBay. He also received just over $12,000 from an online group helping him buy more guns after his was taken away from him.

George Zimmerman has said that he will use the money made from selling the gun to combat the #BlackLivesMatter movement, fight for police officers rights and go against presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s “anti-firearm rhetoric.”

Photo: Polk County Correctional Facility