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Once again social media proves to be the downfall of would be career criminals. Three Crips were arrested in Brooklyn and charged with pulling a violent home invasion robbery earlier this month where they made off with cash, jewelry and a few pairs of some ridiculously expensive Balmain jeans.

The suspects gave the authorities an easy layup after they idiotically took to Facebook to show off their newly acquired $1,500+ Balmain jeans almost immediately after pulling off the jux.

Reports New York Daily News:

The robbery crew allegedly chose the apartment they raided because one of the victims ran an illegal racket selling imported clothing that he purchased from retail stores with fraudulent credit cards — and advertised the expensive duds on Facebook, according to court papers…

There were nine persons, including five toddlers, in the apartment at the Cypress Hills Houses when at least four gang members burst inside with guns on May 14.

Immediately after the stickup, three of the jerks, Rivera, Quentin Williams, and Derrick Reed, posted photos on Facebook wearing gold sneakers with wings and the Balmain jeans. They are also charged with stealing $15,000 in cash, $10,000 in U.S. Postal money orders, and jewelry.

Also, there no honor amongst struggle thieves.

A fourth alleged member of the robbery crew, Markel Washington, stayed off Facebook but he was also arrested. They each face more than 10 years in prison if convicted.

In a last desperate attempt at getting bail for Rivera, defense lawyer Donna Newman sputtered: “My client may well have purchased the jeans and may have receipts for them.”

We know people love to get on social media to flex their new gear, but if what you got is a little too hot you might need to cool it and lay low for a hot minute. Just saying.

For now, the alleged gang members were ordered to be held without bail.

Peep the damning evidence below and on the flip.


Photos: Facebook, NYPD press handout

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