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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s former bodyguard is still yapping despite the couple threatening him with a $10M lawsuit. According to Steve Stanulis, he is down to exercise chill so long as they pay him the money he says he’s owed. 

Reports TMZ:

As TMZ first reported, Kim and Kanye West are threatening to sue Steve Stanulis into the stone ages for breaking his confidentiality agreement. You’ll recall he did a bunch of interviews claiming he was fired for chatting up Kim on the job … which they deny.

Stanulis seemed to laugh off the threat Thursday in Staten Island, saying he’s still owed money from his last gig with the Wests — and insinuating he never signed any agreement.

Check out the video … which, by the way, might end up costing him another $10 million! Not smart.

As for his claim about back pay — we’re told the security company that hired Stanulis is still waiting for him to turn in an invoice and expense report. So, he’s only got himself to blame.

Props to the vintage jersey—not so much for the struggle samurai style hairdo. It’s looking you’re about to take an L, sir.

*Stanulis didn’t actually say this, but that’s his sentiment.

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