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Meek Mill, just the guy you’d want talking about a violent shooting incident, chimed in on the still-developing Irving Plaza incident from last week involving Troy Ave. The Philadelphia tough guy caped heavily for Troy Ave via Instagram, and said that “crabs in a barrel” are attempting to bring down the Brooklyn rapper.

Meek posted an image Monday (May 30) of Troy Ave being pushed around in a wheelchair after his shooting injury that occurred at Irving Plaza, and had this to say:

The laws they made ain’t designed to protect us! “They like get killed or get a 100 years” Don’t let the press “gas” you to go against ya own people! Because if that was a cop Tryna protect his life the police force gone stand behind them 100% “Pic look crazy” #freetroy & never let these “bum ass nobody “sucka” crab in the barrel dudes pull you down! Most of the time it’s all for attention…. that’s all these bustas be wanting forreal!

It isn’t completely clear who Meek is speaking about in the caption, but rumors are swirling about that Taxstone and Ave had an ongoing war of words that might have been the impetus for the shooting. Maino was also included in the chatter surrounding the shooting but claims to have nothing to do with the matter.

Photo: IG