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“Banking While Black” seems poised to be the next topic trending on social media after what went down in the nation’s capital.

18-year-old Jason Goolsby was brutally assaulted and arrested by Washington D.C. police after officers confused his ATM withdrawal with a robbery attempt.

Just before 6:15 p.m. on Monday (May 30), Goolsby and a few of his friends were standing outside of a bank on Pennsylvania Ave contemplating whether or not to get money out of an ATM. After holding the door open for a woman pushing a baby stroller, Jason and his friends decided to keep it moving and that’s when things got really bad for him.

Reports TheWashingtonPost:

Moments later, Goolsby said, he saw D.C. police cars racing toward him. One, he said, nearly hit him. The college freshman said he ran.

Three blocks away near Barracks Row, officers caught him. One of his friends recorded the tail end of Goolsby’s forceful detention — two white police officers on top of the screaming black teenager, trying to force his hands to his back while saying, “Stop resisting.” The friend aiming the cellphone camera repeatedly yelled, “He didn’t do anything.”

Goolsby didn’t know that he and his friends had been suspected of casing the ATM for a possible robbery. A caller to 911 reported suspicious youths loitering at the bank’s entrance and according to a transcript of her call made available Wednesday, said, “we just left but we felt like if we had taken money out we might’ve gotten robbed.”

What happened next is a sign of the power of social media to drive activism amid a climate of distrust of police and heightened concerns about racial profiling. Goolsby said an officer told him that the woman, who is white, called 911 because he had made her feel “uncomfortable.”

Talk about the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished.” Unfortunately it seems like when it comes to the urban community that goes double for us.

You can check the rest of the story here and peep the video of the arrest below and sound off on what you think should be done about the situation.

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