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The Zulu Nation has changed their mind on the whole “the government is trying to take us down” theory in regards to molestation allegations against Afrika Bambaataa. Today [June 1] the organization issued a statement apologizing to Bambaataa’s accusers and how they handled their claims.

The lengthy statement included an apology, plan of action going forward and several high-ranking members signing off.

Per statement:

We extend our deepest and most sincere apologies to the many people who have been hurt by the actions of Afrika Bambaataa and the subsequent poor response of our organization to allegations leveled against him.  To the survivors of apparent sexual molestation by Bambaataa, both those who have come forward and others who have not, we are sorry for what you endured and extend our thanks to those who have spoken out for your bravery in bringing to light that which most of us were sadly unaware of, and others chose not to disclose…we acknowledge the negative impact of our organization’s response on survivors of sexual exploitation and assault everywhere, especially within the communities that we call home; we are to be part of the solution, not the problem, and previous statements and actions from former leaders failed to live up to this promise.  Lastly, we apologize to the members of the Universal Zulu Nation in New York City, around the United States, and all around the world for your having been silenced, poorly informed, very poorly represented, retraumatized or triggered by previous official responses, and unfairly implicated in matters that you had nothing to do with when so many of you were living by our Principles; this apology is extended also to former members who felt compelled to leave our organization on account of these failures.

Zulu Nation also apologized directly to Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell who initially blew the whistle on Bambaataa.

The last time Zulu Nation issued a statement it was to announce that they ousted Bambaataa, the man who founded the organization. Despite a handful of newer accusations since the story broke, Bambaataa has continued to deny the accusations.