Marshawn Lynch fought back the “Beast Mode” inside when he kept getting asked if he was retired from football in a 60 Minutes interview.

The popular NFL running back insists that his football days are behind him and that his time on the gridiron is done, for good.

The always direct and to the point speaker simply answered “I’m done,” when he was asked if was really retired. Rumors had been surfacing that he might consider coming out of retirement to play one last and final season with his hometown Oakland Raiders. But he shot those rumors down by insisting that he “enjoyed” his time and wants no more.

But, you know how sports media is, they have to keep digging for something. So of course, they dug and almost hit a live wire as Lynch grew slightly agitated.

Lynch announced his retirement on social media during this year’s Super Bowl. The simple tweet featured only a hanging pair of cleats and a “peace out” emoji.

Sports writers had been speculating that Lynch was going to make a comeback because he has yet to actually file retirement papers. He has still yet to do so.

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