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No, that’s not how any of this works. A Florida man says he raped a woman and called 911 on himself to get sent to prison to find who killed his son.

Degenerate Joel Jones says that he was so distraught over his 14-year old son getting killed that he felt he had to take justice into his own hands.

He figured that the only way to get to the killers, was to stoop to their level and commit an equally heinous crime. That’s why in 2014 he put out a Craigslist ad looking for a office cleaner hoping to lure someone into answering. When an unidentified woman showed interest, Jones invited her into an office building, pretending to show her the rooms that needed to be cleaned. After putting on the act, he pulled out a knife, attacked and then raped her.

After that, he called 911 on himself to get arrested. His ultimate plan was to get sent to prison so that he could get information or get closer to the people who killed his son and do lord knows what to them.

He just got a part of his wish.

The Palm Beach Post reports:

On Thursday, Circuit Judge Jack Cox made at least the prison part of Jones’ request come true, sentencing him to 25 years more than two months after a jury convicted him of armed sexual battery.

The sentence was less than the life in prison sentence that Assistant State Attorney Chrichet Mixon requested, but at 49 years old and with no possibility of credit for good behavior on the 25-year minimum mandatory sentence, Jones will likely spend the rest of his days behind bars.

“This case is not really about what someone did to your child, but what you did to someone else’s child,” Cox told Jones. “The things that you did to her was completely beyond the realm of what a human being should do to another human being…According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Jones was convicted for sexual battery and burglary in 1991 and served more than two years of a six-year sentence. He is not listed in Florida’s sexual offenders database because the Florida Sexual Predator Act does not include those convicted of sex-related crime before Oct. 1, 1993.

He also served almost eight years in prison for second-degree murder, though his sentence was 12 years, according to department of corrections records.”

Obviously, this is a bunch of bull. He couldn’t rob a bank or steal a car or something? He just had to rape an innocent woman? It wouldn’t be surprising if he didn’t have any children at all.

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