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GOP media personality and consultant Rick Wilson unleashed an epic rant against presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. In the midst of the onslaught of words, Wilson bestowed the business mogul with the Cheeto Jesus nickname, which is now a trending topic.

Wilson’s gift to the Internets has spawned a series of slanderous tweets, clever memes, and chatter over how amazingly accurate the nickname is. Wilson notes in his rants that Trump is a little less than adequate in running his presidential campaign, offering the most critical jabs at Trump yet from the Republican side of the race.

If you’re in for a laugh, check out some of the funniest Donald Trump #CheetoJesus Twitter slander below and on the following pages. If we missed any good ones, sound off and let us know in the comments. Oh and just FYI, if you want to see all of Wilson’s rant, click on the date portion at the right-hand top of the tweet below.

Photo: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

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