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NBA player Nick Young‘s summer is off to a struggle-filled start. After getting dumped by Iggy Azalea via Instagram, she’s keeping the car he gifted her—but she did return that pricey engagement ring. 

Reports TMZ:

We’ve learned that Iggy and Nick struck a deal … he gets the engagement ring back and she gets the car she had given him for Xmas.

Here’s the breakdown … the ring is 10.43 carats, and reportedly valued at half a mil.

As for the whip … a ’62 Impala is a classic … a cherry one can go for as much as $100k.

It sounds like Nick made off like a bandit, but here’s the twist. In California, and most states, an engagement ring is a gift in contemplation of marriage and if the nuptials never happen, the ring — by law — goes back to him.

As for the Impala, it was not tied to the marriage — it was a Christmas gift — so he did not have to give it back.

Also, Iggy is moving out of Swaggy’s P’s crib, not the other way around. .

Cold world.